Squirrel cousins

From my last post on feral species, I’ll move to the Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), a feral species introduced to the United Kingdom from North America. They are all too easy to see in the parks in England, including London and Bath where I have seen them several times. While they are often blamed for outperforming and displacing the Red Squirrel (S. vulgaris) and the latter’s retreat to northern England and Scotland, it would be a hard heart who could not love these cheeky, frenetic little mammals.

I missed the opportunity to see a Red Squirrel while walking the West Highland Way in 2006 by less than an hour. The famous birdwatcher/mammalwatcher curse, hearing “You should have been here an hour ago/yesterday/last year”

From these tree squirrels to a cousin : the ground-dwelling Rock Squirrel (Otospermophilus variegatus), another North American species which I saw on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, in 2005. I must confess I know nothing about them. I should remedy my ignorance.

Mammal watching total = 22


  1. Funnily enough I was going to ask when you did your list post the other day if you hadn’t seen squirrels over here. I love the grey ones, but we get quite a few red ones here too still and I always prefer them because they’re rarer now, and native. Hmm… does that make me a racist? Squirrelist? πŸ˜‰

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